See your business from a new perspective

Get a wide angle view for better decision making

When you have a narrow picture of your business, you can’t be sure you’re making the right decisions. And you can’t prepare for what might be lurking around the corner. Learn how to gain greater visibility into your business and the difference it can make.

Business without blind spots

There are five types of business visibility every construction business should have. By taking the right steps you can gain a clear line of sight into both project and company data.


High-performing construction firms can synthesize large amounts of data into snapshot reports, summary reports, and financial statements.

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Construction executives must be able to filter through data to track major risk areas and act quickly.

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Strong analytic capabilities help executives assess the company’s performance and plan business strategy.

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Spotting trends and forecasting costs are critical to ensuring project profitability.

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If project leaders and executives can’t access key details while on the road, it can bring the work to a halt.

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Solutions to help you gain business visibility

The right software technology can help you store, filter, and quickly find the data you need to run your business with confidence. Sage offers you a choice of construction and real estate products that provide reports, alerts, dashboards, mobile access to information, and more.

Sage 100 Contractor

See how Sage 100 Contractor puts you in control of your business with quick access to financial and operations information.

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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate helps you assess your company’s performance and forecast for improved business planning.

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Sage Construction Anywhere

Sage Construction Anywhere

Access and share information anytime and anywhere. Learn how cloud-based mobile applications can help your construction business.

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Visibility reference guide

Download the Sage Job Ready business visibility guide. Print it out and post it in your office for quick and easy reference.

Are you job ready?

Take this five-minute assessment to receive an instant snapshot of your job readiness in the area of business visibility and suggestions for improvement.

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Mobile technology can give you new and immediate visibility into key business information so you can keep the business moving forward–without having to go to or involve the main office. Contractors will be surprised at how much time can be saved, how many project costs can be minimized, and how much easier it can be to connect everyone on a project.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing makes software and other technologies available over the Internet; mobility is a means to access it. You can use a growing list of construction-specific mobile apps to execute many field tasks.
Hybrid Cloud Solution
A hybrid cloud solution interacts with existing on-premises software. With a hybrid approach, you can leverage your on-premises software and company information and extend or move only those areas to the cloud that will benefit from cloud technology–such as field operations.
On-premises vs. cloud Having the software reside right at the office can be more fitting depending on how it is used. However, cloud adoption is much easier and quicker to implement. Sometimes it can take weeks to implement an on-premises solution. Cloud subscription-based solutions also frees up company capital expenditures.
Mobility is the means to access and update information in the cloud. Construction-specific mobile apps can include managing projects, sharing files, submitting time or reports, tracking information, assets and tasks, and more.
Mobile technology can give you new and immediate visibility into key business information so you can keep the business moving forward–without having to go to or involve the main office. Contractors will be surprised at how much time can be saved, how many project costs can be minimized, and how much easier it can be to connect everyone on a project.
Real business mobility
of construction professionals view mobile technology as important*
The cloud makes it so much easier to access and share project information. It no longer matters where you are or what time of day it is. You’ve got instant access to the details you need to know. Those in the field can access the latest project information–like site drawings–while directly onsite, increasing their abilities to complete task quickly and correctly the first time.
*2013 Sage Construction IT survey
The cloud is speeding up productivity, increasing profitability
of construction companies reported that mobile technology has positively impacted productivity*
The cloud is speeding up productivity, increasing profitability. Field teams can more easily and quickly provide site information to office staff–like daily field reports or employee time worked on site–to speed up job costing and provide better visibility into potential site issues or rising costs sooner. Quicker adjustments increase the odds of the project staying on-schedule and on-budget.
*2013 Sage Construction IT survey
Any size business can use the cloud
of construction companies surveyed supply mobile devices to their employees*
Any size of business can use the cloud. Because cloud technologies are readily available and operational, it makes it possible for an even small contractor to have access to the same technology tools as a larger contractor. Those using the cloud are quickly realizing strong, tangible results. Construction businesses of all sizes are leveraging the cloud to complete jobs on-time and on-budget.
*2013 Sage Construction IT survey
Kelly Bott, IT Construction professional for over 20 years states: "The cloud allows a one-to-ten person construction company to have the same impact and surface area as a 100-person construction company . . . I'm more excited today because the possibilities are exploding with what we can do with technology, connectivity and applications."
of construction professionals use some sort of mobile device on their construction sites*
Mobile technology changes how quickly you can access or update the most recent project information–without involving the office. Contractors will be surprised at how much time can be saved, how many project costs can be minimized, and how much easier it can be to connect everyone on a project.

*2012 McGraw-Hill survey

Extended team access
Team members can easily reach the current information they need to do their jobs.
Better business agility
Cloud technologies offer simpler setup to reap technology benefits sooner.
Stronger competitive edge
With quicker access to real project data, team members can make better, quicker decisions.
Increased employee satisfaction
Employee job satisfaction is increased from a simplified and more controlled work experience.
Increased collaboration
Easier and centralized access to project information improves collaboration and overall decision making.
Speed and savings
Increased productivity through faster and more accurate project communication can greatly impact your bottom line.

start with a solid

First, examine your existing software.

Everything starts with the right foundation of information. Before you extend capabilities to the cloud, make sure that the solution you use at the office is still a good fit for the business.

Field-to-office connectivity

Identify the most critical field-to-office interactions today.

How would your business benefit if your teams could easily provide site information to the office? And vice versa? It’s ultimately about what really will help your business. If a mobile app offers a simpler and easy way to perform a task, it will impact your business versus being just one more thing that won’t get used.

Access and

Know what you want team members to see–and not see.

Will the solution give you the control you need to keep sensitive information protected? Administration should be simple and easy to manage, right?

Your entire team benefits if they have access to the project information they need to speed the decision-making process and increase confidence in the decisions that are being made.


Assume mobile devices are being used whether you approve or not.

The need to focus on how employees are already using their phones is critical. For example, if your employee’s phone is lost or stolen, you don’t want to worry about your data being at risk.

Any cloud technology partner you choose should help you mitigate risks and give you the security control you need.

Security and compliance

Get specific answers from your cloud provider.

  • How will the integration to your current software be handled?
  • How will you maintain overall confidentiality?
  • How do you determine that the solution is secure?
  • Does the solution work well with your business compliance requirements?


Knowing what business processes need to connect together is critical to cloud applications.

Identifying your most important business issues–issues that slow you down or impact competitiveness or profits–will help you plan whether to migrate to the cloud, implement a hybrid mix of a cloud and on-premises solution, or revamp existing business software.

“Sage Construction Anywhere made my job tremendously easier,” said Billy Tate, a foreman at Dean Crowder Construction. “When I’m on a piece of equipment, I can look down at my iPad and see every aspect of the job in my hand without having to go to the office and dig through stacks of prints. That’s invaluable.”
Sage Construction Anywhere connects people, documents, and data securely in one virtual project hub to improve collaboration and extend project visibility throughout the entire project team. It delivers immediate productivity and operational efficiency through tight integration with your Sage financial and operations software. With minimal IT burden, Sage Construction Anywhere can provide a new competitive advantage for customers to get more out of their solutions.
Sage Construction Anywhere:

Gives access to the most current project information available to make
well-informed decisions.

Provides an entire project team the ability to share and access the latest project documents, drawings, and photos online, from anywhere.

Uses mobile devices to collect and review employee time worked on a project and share approved time to speed up job costing and payroll processes.

Integrates with Sage 100 Contractor and
Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

The core reason for using the cloud is not so that you can use some of the latest technology, but because you can trust that it will be a positive change for the business. Choose a provider who:

  • Understands your unique construction business needs.
  • Is the best fit for your business.
  • Fully protects your data.
  • Gives you the control you need on who can access and update information.
  • Provides software that handles legal and compliance matters.
  • Will be there for your business as it grows and changes.

Sage is committed to security excellence. This excellence is demonstrated by its ongoing contract with a third-party expert to assess the security of Sage Construction Anywhere. In the most recent third-party audit, this security consulting firm found no vulnerabilities across the entire Sage Construction Anywhere site. View White Paper >

To learn more about cloud solutions or to view a demo, visit or contact Sage at 1-800-628-6583.

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