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Integrate cybersecurity with operations to ensure business resilience

The sophistication and complexity of modern-day business intelligence software has led organizations to adopt certain cloud-based systems in order to maximize output. While technological advancements typically provide businesses with the tools they need to expand, they also create gaps in security – especially amidst an information age.

It's more important now than ever before to protect sensitive data due to the high volumes of information collected by enterprises during operations. Current ERP infrastructures increase visibility and can maximize output, but the threat of a security breach is always looming now that hackers are targeting mobile and cloud-based systems. As a result, enterprises are beginning to invest in protective measures against cyberattacks so they can keep their clients' information safe and secure.

Cybersecurity a selling point

Incorporating cybersecurity into operational models is strongly advised because it allows most – if not all – aspects of a business to be on the same page in case a security breach does occur. Company-wide response efforts in regards to cybersecurity are best practice and were recently found to be a strong selling point for potential clients.

Speaking at Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London on April 29, the head of security at British insurance firm AXA told spectators that companies that claim to be investing more in their cybersecurity infrastructure found it easier to identify clients. If that is the case, he said, it's imperative that companies communicate that information to sales reps since outside clients feel a well-protected ERP and IT system is a differentiator in the marketplace.

Enterprise resource planning software professionals and their IT teams can take proactive measures to distance themselves from their competition and remain ahead of cyber criminals if their security measures are integrated with normal business operations.

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