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Food Safety can be improved by ERP

Every company has its own unique angle it can take toward enterprise resource planning and said New York food company Love & Quiches Desserts began using ERP to track its food through the manufacturing process. Company chief financial officer Corey Aronin said the organization never worried about the platform before, but being able to track items is a good move that will help improve food safety across business processes.

“We can identify every single step of the process and every single item along the way, from raw material to work in progress, all the way to finished goods,” he told the news source.

These systems are rising to popularity for food and beverage companies, Deloitte Consulting reported, as their use has just about tripled since 1999. said food safety and quality are growing in importance for businesses, as the industry has been marred by recalls. Especially with more customers having access to platforms where they can complain publicly, such as social media, being as safe as possible is imperative.

Cathy Crawford, vice president with the HACCP Consulting Group, a food safety consulting firm, told the news source the industry is just understanding and starting to embrace this now. ERP is a big step toward helping improve the industry and the level of consistency within the food supply chain. Matthew Littlefield, president and principal analyst at LNS Research, said even though companies realize they need ERP, they are still lagging behind in adoption.

Enterprise Apps Today said organizations should be looking at the size of their industry to find what ERP apps work best. For example, big companies may be too large for a smaller business in some cases, so they may have to look a bit deeper and find a provider or solution that fits their exact needs.

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