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Work Anywhere: Connect to the project information you need anywhere, anytime.

Sage Construction Anywhere makes it possible for your project teams to access and share accurate and timely project information where ever they work. Through secure mobile access and seamless integration with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, communications between your office and field is streamlined, and collaboration is strengthened so that projects keep moving forward.

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Sage Construction Anywhere

Web-based Features

Building business online wherever you go

Collect time quickly and accurately with Time mobile app

No more shuffling paper timesheets between the jobsite and the office. Using a mobile device, time can be collected and approved for one or multiple employees, giving quicker visibility into project labor costs and streamlining the field-to-office payroll process.

  • Submit employee time worked quickly via an iPhone or Android smartphone.  Log the number and type of hours worked, linking the time to a job cost code. 
  • Supervisors or project managers can review, adjust, and approve employee time whenever and wherever it makes sense—whether via an iPad on the job site or using a PC in the office— thus shortening review time and ensuring reporting accuracy.
  • Streamline and jumpstart the payroll process through tight integration with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate or Sage 100 Contractor Payroll.
  • Gain quicker visibility to labor issues in the field so you can make adjustments sooner and preserve your profit margin.   See all reported time and easily filter by specific cost codes to watch for areas sensitive to potential labor overages on the job.
Access one version of the truth with centralized, web-based management of Project Files

With Project Files, team members can instantly share the latest and most accurate project information on a secured centralized hub - documents, drawings and photos - so that decisions are solid and projects move forward. Each team member, employees or subcontractors, see only those documents they need for their job.

  • Easily upload and access construction project photos, files, and more from the field using an easy to-use mobile application (app) on an iPhone or Android device.
  • Confidently extend access to everyone involved on a project while ensuring each team member is provided access to only those documents and folders designated important to their specific role.
  • Track and organize the revisions of each important file for each project.  No more digging through email, shuffling through paper, or needing to contact others to locate the drawing you need when you need it.
  • Project team members retain a comprehensive and searchable audit log for extensive file history visibility when needed.  You’ll have the history to support any team communications or conflicts, or to respond to legal discovery.
  • Ensure everyone is aware of changes or issues through notifications that can be seen through a project home page or email.
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Keep your projects moving forward with Project Reports

Secure access to Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 Construction or Real Estate reports provides you with the most current project information from anywhere, anytime. When you are at a jobsite, at home, or at a meeting, you can immediately pull up the details you need to make informed decisions or answer a critical question.

  • Access project reports from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate or Sage 100 Contractor even when you are away from the office.  No more phone calls to the office or waiting for anyone to pull a report.
  • View project reports on a mobile device or on any PC.  Whether you’re at the job site, sitting in an owner meeting, or at home, you’ve got instant access to the details you need to move forward.
  • Be confident that only those with permissions see the reports they are authorized to access and that your data is secured through an industry-leading cloud services platform, Microsoft® Windows Azure™.

Sage Construction Anywhwere
cloud-based construction management success stories

Echo Valley Irrigation automates to save time and monitor processes

Echo Valley Irrigation automates to save time and monitor processes

Learn how Echo Valley Irrigation, a golf course and sports field irrigation construction company headquartered in Edmonton, AB, Canada, uses Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate together with Sage Construction Anywhere to automate processes and closely monitor projects.

Sage Business Care

There's no better way to protect and extend your software investment than with a Sage Business Care support plan, which is included as part of your monthly subscription for Sage Construction Anywhere. In addition to ensuring Sage Construction Anywhere works optimally, the Sage Business Care team is committed to helping you maximize your investment, by learning how to take advantage of your system's full potential. That means being able to enjoy the automation of processes that help save time, and reduce costly errors—while also getting the quickest return on your software investment.

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